Best Survival KaBar Machete Knife Review – 2016

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, StraightSometimes, chopping down wild bushes in your garden, or clearing camping sites can seem strenuous when you know not how and where to begin. But with Ka-Bar Machetes, your woes are reduced to a zero.

Essentially, machetes are a cross between , made of softer non-stainless steel. But, Ka-Bar machetes are a notch higher than the regular ones.

With some characteristics imbibed from the elite and legendary tactical US marine knives (the USMC knives), Ka-Bar machetes are made of 1085 carbon steel and, are equipped with and dense Cordura sheath.

How Ka-Bar Black Cutllass Machetes compete as imported brands?

Ka-Bar Black Cutlass Machete comes with a hollow grind blade with an edge angle of 20 deg. Some of the best features of Ka-Bar Machete are:

  1. The Kraton G handle comes with a thermoplastic elastomer handle that is made of highly dilutive and strong polymers. The handle is resistant to high service temperature and UV rays too. The handle has an excellent processing stability which is essential for a secure grip.
  2. The sheath of the Ka-Bar Machete is made of a combination of leather and Cordura. This combination makes the sheath water and weather resistant. Cordura is an upgraded nylon fabric that is dirt and abrasion resistant and, is more durable than the normal nylon fibres and polyester brands.
  3. Although 100% synthetic and, made in Taiwan, the blade is a 1085 carbon steel that is about 11 inches long with the perfect dimensions to be used in clearing bushes. The entire length of Ka-Bar Black Cutlass Machete is about 16 ½ inches.
  4. This Ka-Bar Machete contains a full tang blade and, is excellent to use with a A full tang blade essentially means a knife blade being one big solid piece that is appended by two handles on each side. These blades are strongest in actions like chopping weeds, bushes, branches, et al.
  5. The balance of the Ka-Bar Becker Machetes is very good when put to use.

Where the Ka-Becker Cutlass Machetes fail in delivering?

  • For amateurs, using these machetes with bare hands can cause blisters. It is better to use gloves when using these Ka-Bar Becker Machetes for a prolonged duration.
  • Another let down is the sleek shape of the grip. With a textured grip, Ka-Bar Machete would have done equally good for people with sweaty hands!

Ka-Bar Cutlass Machetes are approximately 18.2 x 4.6 x 2.6 inches and weighs about 1.1 pounds.

What is the stand of Ka-Bar 14 inch Grass Machete Knifein the world of machetes?

Serving the same purpose as your Kukri or your bowie knife, Ka-Bar 14 inch grass Machete comes across as one of the most sought after machetes in outdoor activities in military operations.The complete length of the machete comes around 19 ½ inches.

Ka-Bar 14-Inch Grass Machete Knife

Understanding salient features of Ka-Bar 14 inch Grass Machete Knife.

  1. This hollow grind blade isa full tang 1085 carbon steel blade that tapers towards the cutting edge where the blade comes in contact with the target object. Once the cut is done, the pressure on the other side does the rest of the cutting, wedging and batoning job with ease.
  2. This Ka-Bar machete, unlike the cheap versions come with a better quality control, and is a product of better manufacturing process.
  3. Besides the beautiful design of the blade, the sheath is sturdy and protects the sharpness of the blade well.

What are the points that give Ka-Bar 14 inch Grass Machete a miss?

  1. The grip of the handle works best for large hands, since the grip is not quite secure for small hands.
  2. The blade being 1085 carbon steel, a notch lower than the high end 1095 carbon steel, is prone to getting affected by rust and moisture.
  3. Ka-Bar Grass machete is not quite suitable for hacking huge sized logs and, hence is not designed for heavy wood cutting.

Ka-Bar 14 inch Grass Machete is approximately 20.6 x 4.5 x 2 inches and, weighs about 1.2 pounds.

Both the above mentioned Ka-Bar Machetes are fantastic gardening choppers with the only difference in the pricing. The cutlass machete costs a bit more than the grass machete. As compared to higher end Ka-Bar knives, the 1085 carbon steel needs more maintenance as it is rust prone.

Over all, Ka-Bar Machetes are worth every penny when it comes to chopping weeds, bamboo shoots and bushes.


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