Zero Tolerance ZT 0350TS Review

Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 Handle Folding Tiger Striped Blade with SpeedSafeBefore we get to the core of understanding these beautiful everyday carry (EDC) knives, let’s imagine a few murky situations.

Say, you are stuck in a situation where getting out of your car would save your life and, you need something to cut off the seatbelt.

Or perhaps, you are stuck in a jungle trail with aggressive wild animals stalking you.

Or say, you caught a huge catfish and, you want to gut it clean (a task in itself!).

And if you have shifted to a new place and, looking at that mountain of cartons to be unpacked, you wonder – how!

In all the above mentioned scenarios, the one stop solution to your quest on how and where to begin the process ends at Zero Tolerance ZT0350TS G10 knife!

Zero Tolerance 0350ts is one of the most sought after tactical and survival knives today. So, let’s take a peek into the features that make it a forerunner in the world of EDC knives!

What makes Zero Tolerance 0350 knife so popular?

Zero tolerance 0350 TS is a folding knife that is equipped with a 3.25” blade and a liner lock and, is about .125” thick.Let’s go through the below mentioned salient features that make it a highly sought after tactical and survival knife!

Undisputed durability

Made from S30V stainless steel coated with tungsten DLC, zero tolerance 0350 TS is all weather durable and resistant to rust. The tungsten DLC (Diamond Like coating) offers three main advantages in using this knife:

  • Non reflective finish
  • Enhanced hardness
  • Mitigated friction drag

A secure grip is ensured!

Zero tolerance 0350 TS also has a textured G-10 handle with a scaled pattern and, is matte black in colour. It weighs about 5.6 to 6.2 ounces and, is about 4.625 inch long when closed and, 7.75 inch when expanded. The scales are made from woven glass fibres which are further filled with epoxy.

The handle provides a secure grip when holding the knife. Besides, the kit comes with a quad mounting system that enables us to carry the knife in all positions be it, left or right handed, point up or down.

The handle of Zero tolerance 0350 TS is about a half inch thick, excluding the pocket clip.

Flawlessly and secure handling with the SpeedSafe!

  • The main advantage of Zero tolerance 0350 TS is its SpeedSafe manual assist that aids in easy opening with one hand sparing you the wrist roll action. The knife can be operated flawlessly with tactical gloves, blade protrusions or ambidextrous thumb stead.
  • When one opens the knife, he or she applies pressure on the ambidextrous thumb stud to get past the resistance given by the torsion bar. Once the blade is out, the torsion bar retraces along its curved path, and locks itself, letting the blade to be used with zero hassles.
  • The entire process opening and using the blade is completely safe as the torsion bar is more inclined towards the closed position while the blade is open. Similarly, when the blade closes into the handle, the torsion bar holds it closed securely.
  • Before the product is out in the market, the torsion bar is tested for 10,000 opening closing instances. And, it is this rigorous testing that adds credibility to the safety measures integrated in Zero tolerance 0350 TS knife.
  • The ambidextrous flipper can also be engaged to open the knife even when one is wearing the duty gloves! A section of the knife’s titanium back keeps your fingers safe from the sharp edge by acting as a blade lock, thereby ensuring a hassle free handling.
  • Besides, the liner lock in the Zero tolerance 0350 TS assures a safe opening and closing of the knife. If the knife is opened, one side of the liner lock moves to the rear end of the knife, thereby easing your pressure on the knife while engaged in cutting through dense objects.

The extra cutting edge!

The unique Tiger Stripe finish on the non serratedblade with a stone washed finish gives Zero tolerance 0350 TS a cutting edge over its contemporaries like ZT 0300 in terms of cutting and piercing adaptability.

Life time warranty!

Zero tolerance 0350 TS comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty as opposed to any contingencies in workman ship or the materials used in designing the knife.

Besides, Zero tolerance 0350 TS knives come with a 3/8 inched hex head pivot shaft nut that can be adjusted with pliers and wrenches depending on the intensity of cutting and slicing works.

What draws it back despite its indisputably striking features?

  • The one and only prominent let down with Zero tolerance 0350 TS is its weight. This particular model of the Zero Tolerance series is quite chunky and weights about 175.8g. As compared to its sibling models such as ZT 0300 TS, it is quite bulky.
  • Another issue is the integrated pocket clip which has an extremely tight grip on whatever one chooses to clip on. This rigidness somewhat lets down the knife as one needs pliers to loosen the death grip of this steel. And, who would want to get a tear in the fabric while trying to pull the clip off!
  • The jimping on the base of the knife, also called pommel although is given for a good grip and an added aesthetic feel, can sometimes make the other secondary functions of closing and clipping difficult.

How does Zero Tolerance 0350 TS trump its competitors?

What Zero tolerance 0350 TS loses out on its chunkiness factor, it makes it up on the more important aspects that make a durable and a reliable survival knife. As compared to its ZT 0566 and Kershaw lifter, its grip and blade are thicker and sturdier than the others.

  • Unlike the other knives with carbon make, Zero tolerance 0350 TS with its stainless steel finish is absolutely weather resistant, be it rust or rain! The S30V steel used in this knife goes through an intense sintering process that adds a great amount of strength by binding the molecules more closely than ever.
  • And, this is why cutting through dense objects is a breeze with a Zero tolerance 0350 TS in hand. Besides the tungsten DLC on the blade eliminates the reflective glare which is a basic and a crucial requirement in military operations or hunting expeditions.
  • The G10 laminates used in its handle is moisture resistant. Hence, these knives find a better reason than its contemporaries to be used in work pertaining to civil engineering, where these knives are used over prolonged periods of time.
  • On the aesthetic front, this knife looks less conspicuous than the others like RKT Carajas, Spyderco Native FRN
    Spyderco C41PBK5 Native5 Lightweight Black Plain Edge FRN Handle Knife

    Spyderco Native FRN

    and Kershaw Skyline. This is probably attributed to the subtle and muted colour schemes used in designing Zero tolerance 0350 TS knives. Besides, it is 10 percent smaller than the others and, can fit anywhere in your kit or pocket or bag like a glove!

  • Coming to sharpness quotient in the Zero tolerance 0350 TS knives, these are way better than their opponent – Sebenza. Although over a prolonged period of continuous use, the sharpness quotient goes on a downslide. Yet, the original sharpness can be restored by sharpening them at any angle between 20 to 22 deg.

Sharpening services for the Zero tolerance 0350 TS knives are done for free, owing to their lifetime warranty on craftsmanship. So, when the blade sharpness starts fading, these knives can be sent to the knife maintenance facilities of Tualatin and Oregon wherein, sharpening is done for free. To sharpen the knife at home one can also use a Kershaw Ultra Tek sharpener.

What we think about recommending Zero tolerance 0350 TS?

Owning an excellent Zero tolerance 0350 TS is one thing. Maintaining is another. However, this knife does not take too much of your time in maintenance. Over a prolonged usage of Zero tolerance 0350 TS, there might be some accumulation of debris on the surface of the blade. This can be washed off with soap and water. However, it is important to dry the knife after wash and, oil it to keep the sharpness intact. Oils like WD40 and gun oil can be used for oiling the knives.

As compared to its predecessors and contemporaries, Zero tolerance 0350 TS comes across as one of the most versatile tactical and survival knives with a raving popularity as the most sought after EDC knife (Every day carry knife). Compact and accommodative anywhere and everywhere, it gives a very clean and a hassle free cut when, dealing with stubborn fabrics and objects.

With a field ready flexibility, Zero tolerance 0350 TS finds its best use in the fields of armed forces, law enforcement, Knife lovers and, even those who are passionate about hiking, mountain climbing and trekking. Although on the higher side of pricing, these knives are definitely worth investing on, especially if one’s work involves cutting activities on a large scale and, on a daily basis.