Zero Tolerance G10 Review

Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed SafeThe ZT G10 0350 is the new version of the ZT G10 0300. It has been launched recently in the market. When buying a knife, one has to be careful.

It all depends what is the reason you are buying a knife for. If you are already a user of such a knife, then surely you can look at 0350 as it has a perfect size, ease of fitting well and perfect for use.

If you are a first time user and you are looking at sharp knife for using while you are out of your home or traveling, even then you can go for this knife.


Below we will review all the best features of this product in detail. We will compare the product against its competitors and at the same time, we will mention the negative points, if any. At the end you will know why this product is a great buy still. 

Best Features

The Zero Tolerance line of knives is so impressive that you just forget you are carrying it. Unlike its bigger brother the 0300 line, carrying the ZT G10 0350 is very easy on a daily basis. It’s a pure joy. It works well in jeans, tactical pants or even sweatpants. Its flat construction rides close comfortably without any flopping around.

It is one of the best outdoor knives one has seen in the recent times. Owning it can make anyone feel very powerful and safe. It can also be used for many purposes if one is looking at using it on an adventure trip. All outdoor sports enthusiasts and armed forces personnel would love this product.

The manufacturer has kept in mind the simplicity of a knife and designed the ZT in such a way that it is very easy even for an amateur to operate it. ZT 10 users will certainly find the features of this knife very useful.

The Zero Tolerance G10 is:

  • Great for Outdoors: Invented by celebrated knife maker Ken Onion, this knife is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement and military operations. You can also use the knife to work on any outdoors jobs like cutting plants or chopping wood if required.
  • Special One Sided Opening: The knife has a special one-sided opening, which has ease of opening. If you are in hunting or fishing expedition, this feature is very helpful as you don’t waste much time in opening the knife and the meat cuts off easily.
  • Easy to fit: The knife is heavy enough to fit in well in the combat glove by using. You can use the metal thumb stud or the front part of the blade to push in the knife in to the glove.
  • Easy for any- left or right handler: It does not matter if you are a left or right handed, you can use this knife easily both ways. Quad mounting system allows tip-up, tip-down, left- or right-handed carry. Its Speed Safe system lets users smoothly and easily deploys the stone-washed, stainless-steel blade with either the left or right hand and assists in opening system for easy 1-handed opening.
  • Best Steel: S30V stainless is the best choice of steel used in ZT350 Plain Edge blade,   which includes non-reflective, low-friction black tungsten DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating. The S30V stainless steel blade has Plain Edge and tungsten DLC black coating.
  • Strong Grip: Textured G-10 handle has a firm grip and its handle includes textured, matte-black scales which looks pretty impressive as well.

Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe

  • Quick Opening: The Speed Safe opening mechanism is awesome. It’s smooth but one has to keep the sharp edge facing the ground as you can easily cut yourself. The G-10 can be used to even break down boxes, open mail, cut plastic straps and rope. None of these tasks take more than a quick swipe. The pocket clip can be moved into 4 different positions.
  • Size: Blade measures 3-1/4 inches; overall length of 7-5/8 inches; weighs 6.2 ounces. This makes the blade easy to carry in ones belt.

Zero Tolerance G10 knife is worth the money spent. It’s of great value at what it is priced at. And comparing with other products in the market, it definitely stands ahead of all of them. Its features are excellent and the innovation is also definitely at par, if not more than others. 

Negative Points:

There are a few negative points to discuss which may be very small and may be ignored for its other exciting features. It also depends on the user and how they use the knife. Finally the user is the best judge whether they feel it is for them or not.

  • The blade is very tall and slightly thick for its length, but feels strong and great in hand.
  • It is sometimes felt that the G10 is slips when wet.
  • G10 could be overly aggressive, and could tear up your hands or pant pockets.
  • Even though, the S30V steel used to make the blade performs very well, it seems that it may lose its razor edge rather quickly.
  • The 350 is heavier due to the more robust liner required for the locking mechanism. One has to be careful when using the sharp side of the knife, if you aren’t experienced, as it cuts easily.
  • Though the Speed Safe doesn’t seem like, it could be flipped by accident very easily. So it may not be very safe and one has to be a bit careful when opening the knife.
  • On more point one could say about it is that it lacks a deep pocket clip. It’s not a small knife. You have to carry right handed tip up and the butt of the knife protrudes from the pocket enough that the knife is pretty visible to anyone looking. It is 7/16″ thick, and about 1 full inch protrudes from the pocket with the tip up. Sometimes, it can scare people as they can see your knife protruding. But if that is not much of your concern, you can go for it.

Advantages over Competition:

The ZT 10 line of knives is a direct collaboration with Strider knives and Ken Onion. One look at this range of knives and you can make out that 0350 strides easy and is an all work knife.

Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe When you are looking for a great knife like G10, please consider the following factors for your purchase:

·       The new Zero Tolerance G10 handle with Speed Safe is a very impressive and it has a great look and feel.

·       The 0350 is 10% smaller than its brother 0300 line even though 0350 has over built rings across just like 0300. So, if you would have not seen 0300, you would consider this 0350 a pretty big one as well.

·       0350 has an interesting dimension which is friendlier to carry than 0300 or 0200.

·       The 0350 knife is flatter in design and with rough G10 handles.

·       The thick SS liners are just as impressive as the 0300.

·       There is more steel used in the liner lock than most companies use for their frame.

·       The blade pivot screw uses a more conventional torx bolt but once again, it is a huge pivot torx bolt.

·       There is a distinctive, satisfying and reassuring sound when the ZT knives are opened. Most people who own the ZT knives will know about this sound. Also the knife does not move in any other direction while opening.

·       The ZT pocket clip is the same as the 0200 and 0300 line. It is stiff and excellent.

·       The knife is less 6.2oz weight. When carrying the ZT 0350, it may feel like you are carrying a 5oz knife.

·       Comparing to the Strider knives, there isn’t any wasted space between the blade and SS liners in the closed position. It is tight and perfectly centered and easy to shift forward and backward.

·       The assisted speed safe opens the knife wicked fast. It is much sharper than the 0200. The S30V blade razor can be a bit scary as it can be very sharp.

·       Compared to the AK, another great knife, and a little cheaper, the 350’s blade is slightly smaller, and the handle is a lot smaller. The length of 350 seems almost to be 2/3s of the AK.  However one cannot open and close AK easily with one hand unlike 0350.

·       One can feel that the strength and position of the lock on the AK could be more desirable than the liner lock of the 350.

·       Comparing to AK, 0350 is definitely more expensive.

·       The Tungsten DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating of 0350 is the best ever seen on a coated blade.

Having mentioned all the above, you will still feel that this knife is certainly better than the other knives in the market in terms of its sharpness, feel and use. This knife is tough and is built to last generations. These knives do have a special feel about them and you would definitely want to own one 0350 in your life.


The company has attempted to make it smaller than the earlier version. But it has come out better than earlier ones. The features are at par with that of a sophisticated and expensive outdoor knife. It is definitely a good buy.

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The Zero Tolerance G10 0350 is perfect for people who want to buy a knife that is multipurpose i.e. for indoor as well as outdoor purpose. Even though it might have some negative points it is still one of the best ones in this size. The price may look a bit high, but when you see its features, purpose and usability, you will not find it expensive at all.

This is a perfect EDC. If you are looking for a reliable EDC that doesn’t require much maintenance this is the knife for you. Maybe you need to clean the pocket lint from time to time. You can also use a little oil to keep it moving well.

So a definite A+ for this product. Go for it!