clintonHi I am Clinton B. …Are you adventurous? Do you travel a lot? Do you love outdoor sports like fishing etc.?

Do love doing things by yourself? Are you a DIY fan? Do you love to keep tools handy?

Well, if you fit into any of the above categories, you are definitely my type and will surely like this website. I mostly fit into all of the above categories and hence wish provide some useful information that can be helpful for the readers.

Since, I am an avid traveler and also an adventurous soul, I need a lot of tools in my backpack, whenever I am out. Among other essential tools, knives are an important one, especially when you are on camping, trekking or fishing trips.

I have spent a lot of time in my life wandering through the woods, setting up camps and spending my time amidst the wild. Moreover, DIY stuffs have also been my hobby and passion for quite some time now. And, both of these need proper, specialized equipments, which you will need all the time.

So, I have my own collectibles, which go into my library of tools and machinery, and make my best-in-class inventory. I prefer to use things once I have tried and tested them personally, and also recommend the same to others.

Over the years that I have been using these knives and tools, I have realized that different ones serve different purposes, and it is always better to have a mix of the best ones. And, there’s a lot more than just owning a tool. It is about knowing what is right for which job, what are the best ones available in the market, how to contrast and compare between models and brands, availability and of course the price perspective.

Through this portal and platform, I want to provide valuable and useful information to all those who use such tools and equipments. If you are in a dilemma, what to buy, then this is the place to check.

From product specifications, advantages and disadvantages, detailed reviews and ratings, new models in the market, and price comparisons to help you choose the best. I give honest reviews of the products, especially knifes that you need for heavy cutting jobs in camps or treks or in DIY jobs. You will find the most comprehensive, authentic and helpful information on this website from someone who extensively uses these on a daily basis.

I would recommend things that are both easy to travel with and the ones, which you need to keep handy at home. I will ensure that the reviews are true and genuine, so that the readers are not misguided. The information you gather from this website will surely help you make the best buy at the right price from the right place.

I provide information about the best brands making these knives and also compare between their features, price and usability. So, join me here if you are looking for the best information in the business.