Benchmade Knife 940-1 Review for 2017

Benchmade Knife 940-1 Osborne Carbon Fiber HandleBenchmade is a much liked company in the world of knife fanatics.

The company was started in the year 1988 and produce the best knives in the world.

Benchmade’s main focus is to provide the highest quality products by focusing on innovation, business ethics and customer needs.

The Benchmade – 940-1 designed and manufactured by them are considered to be the best EDCs of all times.

This series was designed by the famous Benchmade knife designer Warren Osborne. These series of knives are famous for their slim and stylish look, and they feel so small and easy to carry in the pocket.

With the launch of Benchmade Knife 940-1, the company has kicked up their legendary status with the design, quality and innovation. There are many upgrades to this 940-1 that makes it even more comfortable and stylish.

Best Features

Before looking into the best features of Benchmade Knife 940-1, it is worth to mention the upgrades done in 940-1 to understand it better.

  • While the other 940 series prior to 940-1 had aluminium handles, this one has a carbon fibre handle. This makes it even lighter than its predecessors.
  • The other 940 series are made of S30V steel. It is a good performer. But 940-1 is made of S90V steel which is quite an expensive and rare alloy.

Now let us look into the best features of Benchmade Knife 940-1.

Reverse Tanto Blade:

A Tanto blade has its origin from the traditional Japanese sword. While the spine of the tanto blade has a soft upward sweep, the tip of the blade rises dramatically and creates a strong tip.

The westernized version was popularized in the late 80’s in America. Reverse Tanto is nothing but tanto blade turned upside down in which the angular side is on the top and thus, makes the knife look like it is having an extreme drop point.

This new breed of reverse Tanto has been adapted in Benchmade Knife 940-1. Thus, this reverse tanto blade makes the tip stronger and excels in piercing cuts and also due to its long cutting edge, its ability to slice is excellent.

The blade is made of the S90V steel, which is a super tough steel and is wear resistant. There are no brittle spots in the steel because of its fine grain structure. The finishing of the blade is through Benchmade’s darkened stonewash.

The blade stock is 0.12 inches thick, the steel is capable of performing very tough jobs. The blade is certainly a stylish one at the same time solving the purpose.

Carbon Fibre Handle:

The handle of 940-1 is the most notable feature. There is no defect found in the carbon fibre and it is an extreme success in this model. The carbon fibre scales over stainless steel liners.

These liners are the ones that give the strength and firmness to knife in spite of the knife being light weight. On both the sides, there is a contouring that makes the knife comfortable and stylish to hold. These liners are secured to the knife by 3 black screws. The Carbon fibre and the aluminium barrel spacers give the knife more elegance and poise. Overall,

  • The shape of the handle is comfortable with curves and ends at the right place.
  • The spine’s shape assists the hand in keeping it in the right position.
  • Also, as the handle bursts out, the hand is kept off the blade.

AXIS Locking Mechanism:

The AXIS locking mechanism was designed by Benchmade Knives. This mechanism is smoother than the other types of locking mechanism. The most important thing about the AXIS locking mechanism is that it is ambidextrous. 940-1 makes use of this AXIS locking mechanism and that is why it is easy for both the left handers and the right handers to make use of it.

The blade flicks out so fast and it is achieved by making use of the thumb studs. When the stop pin is touched by the rear of the blade, the AXIS lock gets effectively locked into its place until the lock is depressed for putting the blade back in.

The AXIS locking mechanism of this knife is rock solid and has a perfect centring. This mechanism is durable and dependable as it keeps the blade the way you want it.

Reversible tip-up Pocket Clip:

The 940-1 comes with a reversible pocket clip for tip-up carry. It is split arrow pocket clip and is painted black. This reversible tip-up Pocket Clip along with the AXIS locking mechanism makes it easy for both right and left handers to carry the knife. The pocket disappears into the palm without causing any discomfort to the palm while holding it.

Negative Points

There is no question that the Benchmade Knife 940-1 Osborne Carbon Fiber Handle is the most trusted knife that has been designed by the great knife designer, Osborne. The S90V stainless steel, the thumb stud suitable for both left & right handers and the AXIS lock is simply outstanding – features that makes this knife stand out in the market. But there are few things about this knife that is not so impressive. Here are some points regarding the same.

  • It is easy for someone to grab the knife from the holder if it is held using a traditional grip. This is due to the design of the G-10 scales. They are so slippery.
  • There is no ramp on the back of the blade.
  • There is no groove at the bottom of the index finger, thus, making the hand slip forward. It is a much needed feature for a firm grip.
  • The blade is made of S90V, which is a superior quality stainless steel. The main benefit of the stainless steel is its life. But when the blade closes, the edge hits the spacer which leads to the premature dullness of the blade.
  • For people who have used few other brands and are new to this, the lock up doesn’t seem to be solid. Also, some feel that the blade is not centred between the handles and is squeezed to one side.

On a final note, the above negative points depend on how the knife is being used. Whether the concern is on the price tag or the functionalities, this is certainly a knife that is well suited for daily carry.

Advantages Over Competition

Foldable knives are not only easy to carry but also do not take up much space and helps the owner in a lot of situations. There are many knives in the market that are so expensive for the features that really don’t matter at all, like a fancy screw. But there are also amazing knives in the market that are worth the money that is spent.

The Benchmade knife 940-1 is one among those amazing knives. It can also be called the light-weight powerhouse among the EDCs. While there are numerous foldable knives in the market, the 940-1 is certainly one of the best and one among the top picks. Here is why it is more advantageous than the other knives of the same category.

  • The 940-1 might be a bit heavier than few other models but it is due to the extra inch of blade length.
  • The shape of the blade is a reverse tanto and is quite excellent as it gives thickness to the end of the blade. The shape is also not hard to sharp unlike the other tanto knives.
  • The AXIS lock mechanism and the pocket clip together makes the knife ambidextrous.
  • The handle is made of carbon fibre which makes the knife lighter than its predecessors.

Whether it is the carbon handles or the S90V steel that is used in 940-1 as part of their upgrade, it is certainly for a reason. It is certainly performance related. This is an ideal knife and should be owned by every knife lover.


This is product is of USA origin and hence, the reliability of the Benchmade knife 940-1 is unquestionable. The features, its functions, its design, and the materials used together makes this knife a good quality product. It is the best EDC knife and one would never regret buying it.

The feel of the carbon handle is great and it is simple. The S90V steel is amazing and strong.

Usually, any pocket knife which is above 3 inches in length is considered to be better suited for only hard tasks. But 940-1 has broken that myth. It is a knife suited for everyday usage and can be carried anywhere in one’s pocket due to its’ lightweight nature.

It stands the test of time and is suitable for all climatic changes. So, whether it is used during camping or hiking, or used every day at home – cutting vegetables and fruits, slicing bread or anything that a cutting knife does, it serves in the best way.

The 940-1 is above all the models in terms of the blade, its weight and attractiveness. There is always a sense of pride when the 940-1 is owned. It is a life time investment and it is certainly worth it!