Zero Tolerance 0801 Review – Defense or Personal Security

Zero Tolerance 0801 Titanium Flipper KnifeZero tolerance knives are specially designed to meet the needs of military forces, law forces and certain medical professionals.

These knives are must haves for all those knife lovers. They have been serving the purpose better ever since they are in this field. They have many credits to their hat.

ZT knives are hard-material built to be used for hard and rough situations too. They standout any possible tests laid before them with their technology and design.

Some of the features of a typical ZT knife are:

  • They use High performance steels.
  • Their knives have assisted openings.
  • KVT Ball bearing technique
  • Their knives come with a locking system
  • Handles are carefully crafted and the materials used are of high quality.
  • They use Tungsten Blade coating

Zero tolerance 0801 Titanium Flipper knife is another feather to its cap. With its versatile design, it’s effortless to use. This flipper knife gives you best features at a very good price compared to other knives in the market.

In this review, we shall provide you the salient features of this knife, its pros and cons and finally its worth for your money.

Uses KVT Ball Bearing System

KVT-Kershaw Velocity technology is the leader in the knives industry. ZT and Kershaw combination of this model knife is sure to win your heart.

Their ball bearing system is unlike others.It is made up of a blue polymer. They are washer-like structures. There are approximately 7 tiny balls encapsulated in them. Due to this encapsulation, this bearing system never lets the beads fall apart, leading to the failure of the mechanism.

This enables swift and smoothmovement. It is placed on the both sides of the blade at its base, engulfed within the frame.The assembling of this system is also easy. It doesn’t give space for any dust or dirt to get accumulated thus making the cleaning process less painful.

Flipper Knife With Manual Open

Flipper knives are a sure win over the non-flipper ones. The flipper ones are always pocket -friendly. They enable easy handling in cases of defending oneself, or if you are in the military team. And it allows fast and easy opening.

ZT flipper knife opens up very quick compared to others.Flipper is located on the spine of the knife and is mostly opened using your index finger or thumb.On pulling the flipper, the blade rotates out of spacers. The blade is away from your fingers.This feature gives safety to your fingers and hand as well.  While closing too, it just pulls back into the case.


ELMAX is the preferred steel of the ZT. Elmax a product of Bohler-Uddenholm is a high chromium-vanadium –molybdenum alloy steel. Ituses powered steel. Powdered steel is very hard which makes it to take sharp edges. These mixtures give Elmax higher resistance power, able to take many abuses than its actual capacity. The blade never goes out of shape.The compounds used provide much stability to the dimensions of the knife.

Metals tend to have corrosive property. That is, it self-destructs over time. But in Elmax, due to the combination of the above metals, the resulting steel has a high corrosion resistance power too, thus increasing the durability of the knife.

Zero Tolerance 0801 Titanium Flipper Knife

This steel gives the power to make solid knifes, making it much sought after. They never take a bruise even after many attacks.

The blades don’t need often sharpening as in the case of other knives, because of the powder-metallurgy technique used to make the blades. They are extremely sharp.

This steel is also considered to be eco-friendly, compared to other knives. theyuse powdered steel which gives less wastage.

Stonewash Finish

There are many finishes made to the blade to make it sharp and shine. The ZT knife uses this Stonewash finish. As the name says, the blades are rubbed with stones, to give it a sharp edge.

The ZT 0801 knife uses acid oxidization process before stonewashing, to prevent the metal from any rust, in the longer duration. This whole process keeps the knife free of scratches and gives a non-reflective surface. It is low maintenance and preserves the look of the knife for longer time.

Titanium Handle

Knives come with many handles, like stainless steel, aluminum etc. Steel handles were slippery. Aluminum handles became cold to use and also slippery.

Titanium handles are much sought after these days due to the properties of the metal and its usage. Titanium is a rare, high strength, low density metal. These properties help the metal to be made as handles, strong and of less weight.

The slight curve in the handle of ZT 0801 gives you the correct grip to hold in your palms. By supporting it in your index finger at the bottom and the blade is supported by thumb.

Frame Lock

A frame lock is similar to older liner locking mechanism. A small difference is that the liner lock uses a separate liner to engage the blade to be locked.

Frame lock uses whole portion of the blade. This feature enables the locking of the blade, making it more secure. To release the lock, push the locking element backwards, that’s it.

There’s a jimping in the lock, aimed for better grip.

Zero Tolerance 0801BW Flipper Titanium BlackWash Knife

Lock Bar Stabilizer

This feature isn’t available in all the knives. It’s been incorporated in ZT0801. This lock barprevents a lock failure.

Lock failure makes the knife totally useless. Hence this feature of the knife never lets your investment go worthless.

Pivot Point

Pivot is a mechanism used in swinging the blades in and out of the handle. Few knives have adjustable pivot points. ZT0801 has a fixed pivot point, in black color adding more charm to its existing look.


The length of the knife when opened is approximately about the length of a pencil. The blade measures 8.9cm. The closed length of the knife is 11.9 cm, good enough to fit into your pocket.


They weigh 5.8ounces (164.4g). This light weight can be credited to the steel used and the titanium handle, making it light to carry in pockets.

Carry Clip                                      

Carry clip offers you the flexibility to carry it in your pocket or bag, without any worries.

Lanyard Hole

This gives you the option of carrying the knife in your pocket with a tag. Or just hang it around your bag strap. Your personal defense weapon is just at the point of your fingers. 

USA made

ZT is a brand from USA, though started in 2006, they give the best quality. American manufacturing assures the users that the product is definitely of high standards.

With the Kershaw technology added, this product is absolutely a hit among the others.

Negative Points

  • The negative part of this knife is that it loses its properties upon usage.
  • Due to the frame lock technology, with excessive use, there are chances of the lock getting worn out. This becomes a threat to one’s own life during emergency cases.
  • Closing of the knife is not one handed, hence making it slightly unreliable.
  • This is mostly not suitable for left-handers.
  • Slightly overpriced compared to other china -made models.

Advantages Over Competition

ZT knives have its own unique outstanding features, making the product worth to its users. The below factors help you in telling why ZT is the best choice out of many other brands in the market.

  • The brand along with its KV Technology is simply an irresistible combination.
  • The steel used is Elmax, making the blades much sharper and long lasting. It gives you a low maintenance fare when compared to other knives.
  • Blades drop point is just correct. Its wide grind gives you a multifunction product.
  • The handle is titanium which makes the knife lightweight, easy to carry. Comparing other models of aluminum handle, titanium will help you even in the coldest days. As Ti is said to warm up a bit.
  • The dimensions are so perfect to keep them in your pocket.
  • Good customer support system.
  • The locking system gives you a worry free handling.
  • The model is so simple and easy to assemble that you may remove it, look for the mechanism and screw it back-all by yourself.
  • Design is so stylish that you never want to think twice.


  • After listing the pros and cons, we say that this knife is definitely worth buying for any purpose. Be it defense or personal security or just to keep it as a collection. Its inimitable style and design will surely please you and make you feel proud for owning one.
  • It is definitely worth your money. Because, the product is made of high premium quality materials, you need not worry about maintenance cost. You have some problem in their product; their good customer support is always there to provide you better service.
  • Yes, you might feel that it’s slightly expensive. But when the product offers you so many good features all in one bundle, a good customer service to listen to your problems, if any, what more can one think of?